Interested in Free Oils?
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Want to participate in and receive free dōTERRA essential oil products every month?

Essential oils have changed our family's life! We continually discover, experience and share in the extraordinary benefits the dōTERRA range of products delivers.

So imagine the surprise when you get free oil products - every month. Simply by using and enjoying these fantastic gifts of the earth!

Excited? You should be... welcome to the fantastic and extremely generous free oil program - dōTERRA loyalty rewards.

Benefits start with minimum 25% saving on all products and grow from there. Earn points with every purchase plus receive free oil products - every month! Let's explore how it works...

How does it work?

Step One

Opt-in for free account

Buy an essential oils enrolment kit, opt-in to the program and start receiving benefits like minimum 25% savings on Recommended Retail Price (RRP) across the entire dōTERRA product range. Easy!

Don't want to buy a kit? Still want to save and access free products? A once off $35 (+$9.95 postage) joining fee applies and you're ready.

You're not locked in to anything and can opt-out any time. Every anniversary a $25 renewal fee will apply and with it a free bottle of peppermint oil valued at $25.50.

Step Two

Save + earn credit points

In addition to RRP discount, every dōTERRA product has a points and dollar value. Every product you buy you'll receive 10% of its points value as credit points.

Example; 15mL lavender is $28 with 21 points value.

Order just 50 points worth of product a month for 3 months - your account upgrades to 15% points credit return.

And...get your total shipping amount back as credit points (read: free shipping)!

Step Three

Enjoy monthly free products

This is where it gets really exciting. When your order totals 125 points and ships before the 15th of each month - you get the product of the month. Free!

All whilst enjoying RRP discount with free shipping plus a credit points reward system that grows the longer you take part!

You're rewarded just for ordering your frequent use oils!

And there's loads more benefits... contact us for further details and to discuss the rewards you can earn.

*Prices listed in Australia Dollars (AUD) and may be subject to change.
Some terms and conditions apply - refer to the brochure for more information.

Quick reference table for Loyalty Rewards
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