Placenta encapsulation provides amazing benefits!

Maternal Placentophagy is a mother's ingestion of her own placenta. Ingestion takes place at any time post partum (after birth) and in any form.

Placenta encapsulation provides amazing benefits during the post partum period. It presents the placenta in a vegetable capsule for daily consumption.

...amazing benefits during the post partum period

Ingestion can offer;
  • Increased energy and milk supply
  • Replenished iron stores
  • Balanced hormones
  • Reduced post partum bleeding
  • Decreased levels of baby blues and depression
  • Helps uterus to contract to pre-pregnancy size
Placenta pricing

Includes placenta collection and final order delivery within 24 to 36 hours*.

  • *Additional fees may apply for orders outside of the Gold Coast region. Minimum turn-around time for tinctures is six weeks.
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